Monday, May 25, 2015

SEEK: Adventure Awaits!

Leap Books is proud to announce a new name for its popular Middle Grade Fiction line! 

Previously known as "Frolic," the line contains such notable books as Maria V. Snyder's award nominee STORM WATCHER, the award-winning eco-mysteries of Bonnie J. Doerr (ISLAND STING and STAKEOUT) and the magical Poison Ivy Charm School series (including THE CASE OF THE INVISIBLE WITCH) by Patrice Lyle

After careful consideration Team Leap decided the books include less frolicking than one might think based on the line's name and decided that SEEK was more appropriate as the main characters seek out answers to everything from environmental crime, to mysterious magic, and how to move forward after losing a loved one.

To add to the excitement, the first book bearing the SEEK logo will release in June and comes to us from the talented Diana Blackstone. Her novel, WHEN SPARROWS FALL, features young Susanna Stutzman, a Mennonite teen trying to find her way in her newly blended family and discovering a dangerous secret along the way. Will she follow her conscience or what others want her to do? SEEK the answer this June...

Welcome to SEEK: Adventure Awaits!

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Come join us in the exciting release of this thrilling new 
middle grade book by Diana Blackstone.

After her mother’s arranged marriage to her recently deceased father’s bitter brother, thirteen-year-old Susanna Stutzman faces a crisis of faith. Everything seems to be going wrong in her life.
As if her new father’s nasty temper isn't enough, her cousin Mary, now her stepsister, hates her, as does her new teacher.
When Susanna’s discovery of a strange nighttime visitor at her mysterious neighbor’s home leads to the unveiling of secrets, Susanna is forced to make a choice between her conscience and her Mennonite community.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Leap Author in ACTION

Leap author, Bonnie Doerr recently conducted several author visits promoting Earth Day and her environmental mystery series - ISLAND STING and STAKEOUT.

Bonnie presented to students at Mineral Springs Middle School (Winston-Salem, NC) on Thursday, April 30th to discuss: Two Endangered Species, One Fragile Environment, & Two Crime 'Crackin' Teens.

Her presentation included, "...a staged reading from Island Sting to introduce students to the success story of the endangered Florida key deer, "visited" the national refuge and the Marathon, Florida sea turtle hospital and we played the game Endangered Lives, A Game of Survival. That's a board game I designed and have adapted it to both small groups of three and a whole class when projected on a whiteboard."

On April 18th, she occupied three tables at the Earth Day celebration held at the Kathleen Clay Edwards library in Greensboro, NC. "My research video looped on my computer while I displayed photos of trash in our creek and how such litter makes its way to the ocean. I also showed photos of how such garbage kills animals. Along with some wonderful Girl Scouts and their leader, we helped around 50 children make their own sea turtle craft."

We love seeing our Leap authors in ACTION! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Many Thanks to Those Celebrating BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT!

Here at Leap we're saying a big, BIG thank you to everyone who is making our kickoff of our Alice-in-Wonderland inspired anthology, 

                                                                                                                               a success!

Thanks goes to the following people:

  • Laurie J. Edwards for having the original idea of an Alice-In-Wonderland inspired anthology for Leap;
  • Everyone spreading the word about our call for submissions;
  • All the writers who submitted their short stories to the anthology, whether they were selected, or not; 
  • Gaetano Pezzillo for creating a stunning book cover (and an animated book cover);
  • The staff that read the submissions first (Heather Elia, Shannon Delany, Judith Graves);
  • Heather Elia for creating the document that kept all the subs organized through the entire process (what an awesome intern!);
  • Kelly Hashway for editing and copy editing;
  • Judith Graves for creating our cool book trailer;
  • The rejected authors who proceeded with grace, spreading good will about the book (if you aren't in the publishing world you might not realize how appreciated that level of professionalism is);
  • Shannon Delany for doing the interior illustrations;
  • Ali Cross for formatting (and reformatting);
  • The interns (old and new) and others who spread word about the book through Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Tumblr--and all things social media;
  • The printers and staff who spent time with Shannon on the phone when she called them (multiple times) to make sure things were going well;
  • The 13 amazing authors (Charlotte Bennardo, C. Lee McKenzie, David Turnbull, Christine Norris, Jackie Horsfall, Medeia Sharif, Laura Lascarso, Tom Luke, Jessica Bayliss, Crstal Schubert, Holly Odell, Jennifer Moore, and Liam Hogan)who met all their deadlines, approached Shannon's and Judith's every request with a positive attitude, and participated in a Twitter party, and a Facebook party. We hope their careers only grow (and that we get the right opportunity so we may work with them all again).
  • Marketing Directors Jennifer Murgia and April Hamrick;
  • The bloggers helping with our book blitz;
  • The other authors of Team Leap who have been jumping in, supporting the anthology, and spreading the word--team players are the best!
  • The readers. Of course the readers! Without the readers we wouldn't be publishing books...for readers.

If you haven't gotten your copy of BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT yet, please hop on over to Amazon, or Smashwords, or iTunes and order yours now. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Some Visual Highlights from Our BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT Anthology's Book Birthday

Some of the many visual highlights from today's book birthday for 


Thank you all for helping make the launch of the new Leap's first anthology!

Monday, April 13, 2015


The following is an excerpt from author Holly Odell's short story found in BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT.

Broken Tethers

Black crows punctuated the damp April morning with bleak conversation. Long-neglected hedges and comically unkempt shrubbery guarded the perimeter of a vast, overgrown property. A young woman fought her way through the snarled branches and emerged from a particularly slovenly-looking clump of bushes. Her appearance suggested she had already endured a gauntlet of physical indignities, of which this was the culmination.

“Come on, Alice.” She perked up. “Urban exploration is a dirty business. I should’ve thought about how messy this was actually going to be, though.” Next time she’d bring a towel, and...she looked down at her clothes...maybe a plastic jumpsuit, on second thought.

Wiping her muddy hands down the front of her jacket, she shifted attention to the object of her efforts.
At last she had a clear view of the mansion. Alice gasped. Abandoned for decades, it had slumped into an exquisite state of disrepair. “What a spectacular wreck.”

Things of beauty succumbing to the ravages of time and nature sent her heart leaping into her throat. Was it the catharsis of tragedy, the ache of nostalgia for a bygone age that thrilled her so much? Or the fact that she wasn’t supposed to be here? D, all of the above.

She forgave herself a mischievous chuckle at the thought of her phone ringing in the medicine cabinet where she “accidentally” left it. Why was the concept of voluntary solitude so difficult for some people to grasp? Certain places practically clobbered you over the head, demanding to be designated as tether-free zones. Nothing can rip the cheesecloth from the lens of a Tolkien-esque
 excursion faster than a techno ringtone or someone handing you their soda so they can pee in the bushes while badgering you about how late it’s getting. A badass adventuress can only tolerate so much pestering; she was entitled to a little harmless payback.

Her eyes roamed across the decaying exterior as she strode through the long grass to the top of the hill. After rummaging for a moment she produced a small digital camera from her pocket and took a picture of thick, tangled vines embracing the chimney, which lurched as if recoiling from the side of the house. She relished a delicious gothic shiver before resuming her assessment of the formidable structure.

Ready to go adventuring with Holly's Alice? You can order on Amazon right now!

Beware the Little White Rabbit Excerpt: Alice and Her Shadow

Author Tom Luke created an Alice and a world that combine horror and a touch of humor. The excerpt below is from his short story in BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT.

Alice and Her Shadow

It is not a moonless night, nor is the moon full. It is not a half moon, which can be argued is more symbolic than either. It is not even a crescent, which can be meaningful enough for the magical practitioner on a budget. It is a waxing gibbous. Bulging. Grotesque. And hanging too low in the sky like the misshapen eye of a cosmic horror that has taken an unusual interest in humanity.

Your name is Alice. Your last name is uninteresting and will soon be irrelevant. Your name is Alice, and you are walking home. It is too dark for your mother’s purposes, and she worries about you being out too late, but Katherine’s house is less than fifteen minutes away, and down two hills. No one waiting to ambush a defenseless teenage girl is going to bother walking up two hills, you told your mother.

You still believe this, but you’ve since developed other concerns.

None of the streetlamps are working and your shadow is beginning to worry you.

You are particularly worried that it may not belong to

It is stretched out in front of you and you don’t remember it looking like that.

Your mother has told you that you’re going through a late growth spurt, which is apparently why you keep walking into doorframes.

This might, might, account for the fact that your shadow’s limbs are unnaturally long and moving in ways you don’t recognize.

It does not account for your shadow’s head.

Your shadow’s head is freakishly large, weirdly distended, and there are two bumps emerging from the top of it.

You try not to speculate about the bumps.

You move your arm. Your shadow moves its arm, maybe a fraction of a second later.

You shiver and fold your arms in front of yourself. Maybe it’s just the way you moved, but your shadow seems to swell.

You stop. The sound of your footsteps seems to continue a little longer than it should. When you start to walk again, the noise echoes a little more...

Ready to leap into the world of Luke's Alice?

Amazon, iTunes, and Smashwords are taking pre-orders now for the ebook and paperback links will follow soon!