Friday, August 19, 2011

Anna's Corner: A Teen Interviews Leap Books' Teen Author

Anna Sattler
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Here's info on Anna:

An avid fan of Victor Hugo, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Calvin and Hobbes, Anna Sattler is continually expanding her reading repertoire. She is up for reading almost any book and loves to swap book recommendations with her friends. While not reading she enjoys playing field hockey, practicing her French horn, and excusing herself from social obligations by hiding behind a camera.

Anna interviewed Sydney Scrogham, age 18, who is the author of Chase, which will come out from Leap Books in 2012.

·         When did you begin your book and how long did it take to finish?

I don't remember exactly when I started, but it was a while ago. I'm pretty sure I was 13, but I know for sure it took me 18 full days to write. I counted.

·         When you began writing it, did you plan to get it published?

Not at the time, no. I had an idea that was going to torture me until I wrote it down, so I did. When I had the chance to send one of my books in to a publisher, I chose Chase because it was one of the few pieces I had that was completed.

·         How long did it take to get your book accepted by Leap Books?

My manuscript traveled through the Wild Rose Press and through their YA area when it was breaking off into Leap. That slowed down the process, but about a year later they contacted me to tell me Chase had been accepted. (First try, I was SO shocked!!!)

·         How long did editing take? Are you done yet?

Longer than I'd hoped, simply because I was juggling high school classes for my senior year at the time. It's challenging to balance it all. I'm still editing, but verrrry close to being done!

·         What has your favorite part of the writing process been?

I've gotten that question a lot from my writing peers, and honestly I love all of it. I love getting to know my characters, writing late into the night, feeling the thrills and chills of a twisted plot. It's like living life--every day has something differently enjoyable.

·         What inspired your book, Chase?

All of the smaller elements came from my imaginary twist on the world around me, but the big picture behind the story is rooted in God's relationship with humanity, and how the church is viewed as His bride. I wanted to put that in a story with the hope that someone else might experience the love behind this relationship. I didn't get to finish all of what I wanted to say in one book. Chase's sequel is in the works.

·         Why did you choose the title Chase? Does it potentially have a double meaning?

I chose it simply because it is the hero's name, but now that I've thought about it, yes, it does have a double meaning.

·         Are you thinking about continuing your writing career during college?

Definitely, yes. I can't imagine not writing. I don't know how I'll manage it all yet, but I will find a way.

·         What will your major be?

Psychology. The human mind fascinates me, and I really want to get into counseling one day, especially if I can involve horses in my patients' therapy.

·         How would you advise teens who want to become published authors?

Don't quit, and write what you love. I see so many of my peers stop because they try to write what someone else wants to read, but if they're writing to satisfy someone else, it drains their passion. We all have a story to tell, and no one can tell us how to write it. If publishers don't like what you write, tough. Find someone else. It's whether you like it, whether it says what you wanted it to say that matters.

Sydney Scrogham