Sunday, September 20, 2009

Leap Launch Contest!

So hey, we totally dig that you’re into spreading the word about Leap. It’s because of dedicated YA bloggers and readers like you that we started Leap. Our inbox has been bursting at the seams with requests for ARCs. We’re totally floored that you wuv’s us! We wish we could give every single person an ARC, but sadly we have a limited number of review copies. Our Leap marketing team hasn’t figured out the formula for turning paperclips into gold yet. (Darn marketing team, work faster, sheesh!) But fret not, Leap fans, we’re holding a contest to spread the book homage and give YA reviewers and Leap fans a chance to WIN a few ARCs and/or some snazztastic swag.

Ah, so we have your attention now, eh?

Go to, or get it here on our blog, snag the Leap badge, and post it on your Blog, MySpace, Facebook, etc. Check us out every other week for another badge. Email us at with the address of the blog, MySpace, or Facebook page where you loaded our special nifty badges. See our website contests page for full details, rules and prize information.


  1. Look who's posted this Leap badge so far:

    If we missed you, let us know! And many thanks to these great Leap fans who are spreading the word.

  2. Just saw a Leap badge at:
    http://book-whisperer.blogspot. com/