Friday, November 13, 2009

Leap Badge No.5

Leap Badge No.5 is all about Girl Powa! The sky's the limit if you believe in yourself.

13 Things You Can Do to Create Girl Powa in Your Life

• Be a role model.
• Challenge yourself each day to achieve something new.
• Never surrender. If you don’t succeed, get back out there and keep trying until you do!
• Believe you are beautiful, cuz you are!
• To thine own self be true. Good ol Willy Shakespeare had it right.
• Leave the world better than you found it.
• Be someone’s shoulder and ear when they need it.
• Pay it forward. It will come back around to you.
• Learn something new and then teach it to someone else.
• Be sure to take time to enjoy the little things.
• Take care of Mother Earth, we only get one home.
• Believe in yourself.
• Read, cuz knowledge is power!

(And remember, Girl Powa isn't just for girls, it's for EVERYONE.)

Grab your copy of Badge No. 5 today and get entered in our SWAG contest to end all SWAG contests. ;)

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  1. Added the new badge to my slideshow ^^

    Taschima Cullen

  2. Thanks Taschima! Cool blog you got there. ;)