Sunday, December 27, 2009

Leap Badge No.8

We can't help feeling a bit nostalgic this close to the New Year. How far Leap has come from breathless idea to we're-really-doing-it! publishing windstorm. Our lives will never quite be the same. It's amazing what a small group of people, or even just one soul, can accomplish.

So that's our message with Leap Badge No.8 - if we can start a publishing company....what can you do in 2010? Go ahead, change your world. Change THE world. We'll be cheering you on.

Don't forget to snag a Leap badge and post it on your Blog, MySpace, Facebook, etc. Email us at with the address of the page where you loaded it. Why? One word: SWAG. For full contest details, go here.


  1. This is my absolute favorite badge! Can't wait to put it on my FB page!

  2. Awww...thanks, Lisa! Have an awesome New Year!