Thursday, February 25, 2010

Team Freaksville vs. Team Redgrave: The Interviews

 This is Kasey Maxwell from Freaksville (left) blogging with Eryn McCain from Redgrave, Alberta (below).

K:   So hiya, Eryn, word has it you have a little vampire problem up in the vast North, eh?” [Note I added a little Canadian flavour. I really dig accents. British is my fav, but Canada is a colony of England, isn’t it…] Oops, sorry, back to the question at hand—VAMPS.

E:  Yeah, we have some nasty bloodsuckers in Redgrave, but currently me and my hunter crew—well, it's Alec's crew really (that's part of the guy problem I was telling you about)—are fighting off a pack of werewolves. I hear you have some wolfy issues yourself…as in potential love interest avec fur. I sure hope you’re not allergic, like some people I know…

K:   So what does a hunter do exactly? Do you get to wear cool boots? I love boots, I think every girl, whether she’s kicking butt or not, should have a pair of cool boots.

E: Yeah, I have some s#^*kickers, but I still cling to my Vancouver-purchased Mary Janes. I'm completely against snow. (Although, I really don't get why there's zero white-stuff action for the Olympics...British Columbia usually has the best ski conditions—if you're into that sort of thing.) Anyway, Redgrave's been quite the shock to my system, in more ways than one.

K:   Err, Canada grows their guys on the hot side… *fans self* I want to know who do you really want Wade or Alec? Come on we’re friends here.

 E:  Yeah, they're mildly attractive (understatement of incredible magnitude). But there's the whole, one guy might kill me, I might kill the other guy thing. Sounds like I'm taking it lightly, right? Believe me...I'm not. I'm just the laugh-at-a-funeral type, you know?

K:   I recently discovered that I’m a paranorm and, well, after that Freakfest, I’m learning to deal with my gifts. What’s been challenging to you?

E:  I've always known what I am, part human/part shapeshifter. But I've never had the chance to explore my paranorm side. You're hearing me, yes? At least your father never plied you with drugs to keep your "talents" at bay....screwing with your paranorm metabolism....turning you into something unknown and dangerous. And I'm supposed to care about passing my physics exam? Good lord.

K:  I heard you actually had a run in with a werewolf...seems he had a little pet shopping on his mind. Poor Thumper, it’s bad enough people wear  cute bunnies as fashion statement—note, I wear faux fur, not Thumpers---but now they have to worry about being werewolf chow, too?  So not fair! Anyway, what were you really thinking when you slipped and fell in the bunny blood? BTW, were those jeans thrashed? I hope they weren’t cute, because bloodstains are tough to get out of denim.

 E:  Kasey, Kasey, Kasey. *shakes head sadly* You'd have a tough time in my world. Why do you think I keep my hair up in these functional (yet funky and cute!) ponytails? I get messy. Hunting is a gory job. Sometimes I shower three times a day. I'm not kidding. Yeah, that werewolf was in a for a little dine-and-dash at the pet shop. But I handled the situation….with some help from an unlikely source.

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