Saturday, March 20, 2010

TaleBlazers Festival

Author Judith Graves will be part of the Young Alberta Book Society's TaleBlazers Festival, which runs from October 4-29, 2010. Schools and libraries can host author visits.

And what better month to have a visit from a paranormal author than October?? Under My Skin is filled with wolven, witches, vamps, and otherworldly beasties, so it's the perfect Halloween treat. 

"Every fall the Taleblazers Festival tours the province giving hundreds of literary presentations to Albertan children in communities large and small, getting them fired up about literacy, sparking their imaginations, and giving them stronger literacy skills for a brighter future." To find out more about TaleBlazers and the Young Alberta Book Society, check out the website:

Leap Books is proud to have authors who are working hard to promote literacy. If you'd like to host any of our authors, please contact Cathleen Cartwright at

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