Friday, May 7, 2010

Prizes Galore

Take a look at all the goodies the Story Siren is offering as a prize pack for the 2010 Debut Challenge. If you follow the link, you can find out more about it. To participate, go to Sign Up for the 2010 Debut Challenge.

Three of our Leap Books authors are part of the challenge, and all Leap Books are 30% off until May 31, 2010, so take advantage of our Spring Special  to read some great books for the Challenge.

 BTW, did you notice what's in the center? Yep, it's a Leap Books T-shirt. Our authors have also donated books, so watch for other Leap swag.

Oh, and stay tuned for more info about prizes coming your way from Leap Books. If you check out the sidebar, you'll see we're signed up for Blogmania. Prizes are top secret for now, but they're worth well over $100 for the first prize winner, so keep an eye out for the list. And remember to save September 15-16 to visit all the blogs for a chance to win fabulous prizes.

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