Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday Shivers

Share your Saturday Shivers with us. Ever had a strange, unexplainable experience? Have you seen a ghost? Had a brush with the paranormal? Send your tales to Lexie North. We'd love to post them on our blog. Here's one from someone who prefers to remain anonymous:

Throughout my life, I've often gotten these strange gut feelings when things are about to happen. When I was younger, I'd say these things out loud. After they came true, people would look at me funny and often avoid me. So I learned to keep them to myself. I remember saying something to my mother after one of her friends came to visit. I asked why the lady was so scared. My mom told me not to be silly, there was nothing wrong with her friend. I knew that wasn't true because I'd seen her shaking--not her hands or any visible part of her body, but her inner self, her spirit. I persisted and told my mom to find out what the lady's problem was. My mom brushed it off, but I kept bugging her to call the lady and ask. Finally, she rolled her eyes and did it.

It turned out that my mom's friend had a restraining order against her ex-husband, but he'd been sending threatening messages saying he was going to kill her and her daughter. She hadn't told anyone about it. And while they were on the phone talking, her ex started smashing through the back door with an ax. My mom called 911, and luckily the police arrived in time to nab him.

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