Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Editor Kat O'Shea

If you've been longing to submit a manuscript to Leap Books, this may be your opportunity. As you know, Leap Books only accepts agented manuscripts. They do make exceptions for attendees at conferences where any Leap Books editor speaks. If you haven't been able to attend conferences to meet one of our editors, you can meet Kat O'Shea, Editor-in-Chief, online at Savvy Authors during October.

Kat will be teaching at:

If you attend her workshop Handling Backstory the Right Way, you can submit one manuscript directly to Kat following the four week class.

Here's a brief blurb:

You only have a paragraph or two to capture an editor’s or reader’s interest. If you don’t draw readers in quickly, it’s hard to make a sale. Get your story off to a more exciting start by eliminating backstory. Discover how to identify backstory, when to cut it, where and how to use it effectively.

WHEN: Oct 4 - Oct 31
COST: $15 for Premium Members
$25 for Basic & NON-Members

So head on over to Savvy Authors to register.

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  1. I understand why publishers only accept agented manuscripts. But can someone tell my why it is as hard nowdays to get an agent even to look at your book as it used to be to get a publisher to do so? It took me four years of trying just to get a couple agents to look at my book and finally have one take it. I'm happy to say it's published, but I am disheartened by so much badly written things being published and excellent literature not seeing the light of day.