Thursday, January 6, 2011

Judith Graves at Okotoks Public Library on Saturday

Author Judith Graves will be presenting a session, YA Fiction To DIE For, at the Okotoks Public Library this Saturday, January 8, 2011, from 1-2 p.m. She'll be giving an overview of her road to publication, a backstage look at the life of a YA author, and insight on the writing process, including how to submit your work to publishers. Judith is the author of Under My Skin and Second Skin, which will be coming out in 2011.

The event will be available live via videoconferencing provided by the RISE Network. “The RISE Network is an innovative project that helps southern Albertans access the information they need, right from their local library. By equipping 78 libraries with videoconference equipment, people in 89 municipalities can gain new knowledge and skills through a wide-range of library-based programs and information sessions.”

Okotoks Public Library
7 Riverside Drive West
Okotoks, AB, T1S 1A6
Tel: (403) 938-2220

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  1. I am excited to hear that JGraves next book will be out in 2011. Adding it to my wishlist right now.