Monday, March 28, 2011

A Great Way to Help Japan

I support Kidlit4Japan Children's authors, illustrators, and publishers are banding together to help Japan. They've donated goods and services that are being auctioned at Children's Authors and Illustrators for Japan. Everything from books to prints to editorial services are available.

Leap  Books editor Kat O'Shea is offering three critiques. Not only can you take advantage of her expertise, but if you've been dying to submit to Leap Books, here's your chance. Normally we only take agented submissions, but the three lucky authors that Kat critiques will have an opportunity to submit their completed manuscripts to Leap Books after they've revised them. We hope you'll leap at this chance to get your foot in the door. Watch for Kat's offering to come up. Here are the details:

Auction #67
From Thursday 3/31 @ 11:00AM EDT to Tuesday 4/5 @ 11:00AM EDT
Kat O'Shea: critique-50 pages
Value:  $250

And while you're there, be sure to look at all the other great items. Nab a badge to show your support. Better yet, pop over to the website now and start bidding.

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