Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Canadian Book Week

To celebrate Canadian book week, we're featuring our Canadian authors and illustrators this week. First up is Canadian author Judith Graves. Judith is the author of the Skinned Series. Her first book, Under My Skin, was a recommended read by the Canadian library journal, CM.

A singer, songwriter, author, library tech... Judith is multi-talented.

 To see Judith in action, here are a few videos you can check out. And be sure to visit her website.

And here's a bit more about her books...

Praise for Under My Skin

"Under My Skin is a roller-coaster romp through a supernatural world filled with scary beasties, otherworldly magic, and characters you'll root for. Eryn is a tough but likable protagonist whose paranormal problems make a compelling story full of mystery, magic, action and romance. A fun and engaging read. I'm looking forward to the sequel."
~Rosemary Clement-Moore, award-winning author of Prom Dates from Hell, Hell Week, Highway to Hell and The Splendor Falls
" of paranormal YA fiction will appreciate a protagonist with attitude and anticipate the next volume in the planned trilogy, Second Skin, to be released in 2011. Recommended."
~CM Magazine, The Manitoba Library Association
Book 2 in the series, Second Skin, will come out this year.

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