Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Reaching Your Dreams

Leap is drawn to authors who lead creative lives. We strongly believe that authors who are involved, engaged, and giving bring something extra to the pages of their work. When Leap Books opened, we sent out the following opening to our press release:

Once in blue moon, a publisher comes along who does things in an innovative way. Leap Books opened their doors on the night of the blue moon, expecting something magical to happen. And it did.

We launched our debut authors in the direction of their dreams. Now we invite you to take a Leap with us. You’ll be glad you did...

Not only have we launched several first-time authors, but we've been lucky enough to help one teen author reach her dream of publication.

For all of our authors, though, publication isn't their only dream. We've found that creative people tend to dream big, so for the next week or so, we'll be featuring some of the ways are authors are living their dreams. We hope it will inspire you to reach for the stars...

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