Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have You Ever Climbed Out a Window?

Author Mark Finnemore has. Wonder why? So do we...

Leap Books has asked Mark to answer a few questions for us. If you have any other questions for Mark, be sure to leave them on the blog or ask them on the Spirited Facebook page. Each question or comment earns you a contest entry (see below).

Mark's story in the Spirited anthology is "Stained." But he is also the author of several free reads at Mythic Picnic. If you'd like to read more of his work, hop on over to the site and enjoy a variety of stories. We caught Mark as he was hard at work on his next novel, Straw Man, which is an intriguing read with the tag line: "What if Robin Hood worked at the IRS?" You can read the blurb at Love & Taxes. Mark was so busy he only had time to answer a few questions, leaving lots of mystery in his wake, but he did give us a link to some sage advice, so be sure to check it out.

So, Mark, have you ever climbed into or out of a window?

I have, but I don't want to give anyone any bad ideas that will get them into trouble.

Very thoughtful of you. But it also makes us wonder: are you worried that you'll get in trouble if you divulge when and where you did this window climbing? Hmm... is that a discrete silence we hear?

What advice do you wish you could give to your younger self (besides not climbing out of windows, that is)?

So many things. Too many to list here. I've got a free booklet available through my website called "Wise Things That Other People Have Said." It's basically a listing of some of the smart things I've come across that I wish I had known when I was younger, things that remind me not to take stuff too personally and to pursue happiness instead of anger. I still read through a few of them almost every day to keep from slipping back into darkness. Hopefully it can help someone else too, because even the rockiest of roads can lead to a happy ending.

What super power do you wish you had?

I've always wanted to fly, to be able to see everything from a eagle's view and soar and swoop and hover. Now, since the flight powers have yet to manifest themselves, I'm thinking about taking helicopter lessons.

That should get you flying! Good luck with the lessons, Mark. We'll watch for you hovering overhead.

About Mark's story in the Spirited anthology: "Stained"

Isaiah Wildes was born to be a witch hunter like his father. It's his destiny. And now that his father is gone, Isaiah is determined to honor his father’s memory by becoming the best ever. Then he meets Faith Jacobs and wonders if his destiny may lie elsewhere. But will the chief witch hunter let the talented Isaiah just walk away?

About the Author

Mark Finnemore lives in California with his beautiful wife Panji, who helped him learn that even the rockiest road can lead to a happy ending. Mark has had short stories published and is currently working on the finishing touches of a novel titled Love & Taxes, which he hopes will one day be not only finished, but published and found at your local bookstore as well. Visit Mark at Mythic Picnic or Genre Trash or Love & Taxes.

And if you'd like to know a few more secrets about Mark, read some early posts on the Spirited Facebook page and Leap Books blog. Anyone who posts a link to one of those secrets will be entered in a drawing for a free book. You may leave a comment or question for Mark for an additional entry for a print copy of Spirited.

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