Thursday, May 31, 2012

Screenwriting Winner

Congratulations to Leap Books author, Judith Graves, who just took first place in the 2012 Alberta Screenwriters Initiative for Losing It. Here's what the jury said about her award-winning manuscript:

“Losing It is a refreshing story with a distinctive writing style that avoids the pitfalls and expected patterns of most teen comedies, to be fresh, quirky and unique in story structure, characters and writing style. The characters are memorable are well-developed and the situations manage to be both comic and affecting.”

Graves, who wrote the screenplay under her real name, Tracy Belsher, is now headed to Banff Media Festival in June to pitch her works to TV and movie execs.

Her books with Leap include Under My Skin and Second Skin, in the Skinned series, and a story in the anthology Spirited. You can follow her journey to the festival and find out more about her writing journey on her blog, Flex Your Words.