Thursday, February 12, 2015

An Animated Alice

We're so keen for the launch of our Alice-inspired anthology, Beware the Little White Rabbit, that we asked cover artist, Gaetano Pezzillo to work some magic and create a special animated cover to share with the masses.

Boy, did he ever come through for us!

Here she is...

Curiosity often leads to trouble.

Thirteen enthralling voices in young adult fiction lead you down the rabbit hole in this nod to the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s timeless character, ALICE. Mystery. Madness. Mayhem. Each story in this collection will intrigue, bewitch, and enchant.
From rich historicals, castle towers and deathly plagues, gritty urban explorations, intrepid reporters, would-be car thieves, watchmakers, futuristic wormholes, secret workshops… to the last human in a world ruled by machines. 

What wonders await, oh curious reader. For the rabbit knows the truth…

Contributing Authors

Charlotte Bennardo, C. Lee McKenzie, David Turnbull, Christine Norris, Jacqueline Horsfall, Medeia Sharif, Laura Lascarso, Tom Luke, Jessica Bayliss, Crystal Schubert, Holly Odell, Jennifer Moore, and Liam Hogan

BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT releases on April 14, 2015.