Friday, July 3, 2015

Mad-As-A-Hatter Anniversary Weekend Price on BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT

For this weekend only, Leap Books is placing the Kindle version of BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT at a price of only $0.99 to celebrate the July 4th boat ride that started it all! 

And then, that low price will be, like that date, history.

150 years ago Macmillan first published ALICE and to think her birth started during a boat ride on July 4th just a few years before that! An icon in our culture ever since, ALICE has staying power! Don’t believe us? Visit our Facebook page and see how many mad (and glorious) events are going on this year in celebration—here AND across the pond!

And why should you pick up our anthology of Alice-inspired short stories (other than the fact we were the first one on the scene thanks to Laurie J. Edwards)?

Because our anthology features 13 of the best and brightest voices in fiction today—some established and some fresh—and all eager to pull you down the rabbit hole and into the world of their Alice and her Wonderland. And, for the July 4th weekend only (starting now!) we are offering works by Charlotte Bennardo, C. Lee McKenzie, David Turnbull, Christine Norris, Jacqueline Horsfall, Medeia Sharif, Laura Lascarso, Tom Luke, Jessica Bayliss, Crystal Schubert, Holly Odell, Jennifer Moore, and Liam Hogan at only ninety-nine cents! All together!

Mad pricing that you dare not be late for!

So Leap down the rabbit hole and enjoy whole new worlds populated by brave girls conquering their own Wonderlands!

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