Monday, January 4, 2010

Get Ready...

Our first author is about to Leap.

We're counting down the days until author Bonnie J. Doerr's book, Island Sting, releases. Bet you are too. Here's a sneak peek at the first page:


Ripples circled across the dark water farther down the canal. Kenzie scrambled through the mangrove thicket, stumbling over tangled roots toward the disturbance. Branches caught her hair and scratched her face. When she thought she’d reached the spot, she crept to the water’s edge, but the surface was calm. Had she miscalculated?

No. There. Something broke the surface. It swam in jerky circles. Round and round. Over and over. She shielded her eyes from the sun. A long nose cut through the water, leaving a little wake in its path. It circled closer. Nose, two eyes, and long ears.

A dog!

It paddled away, floundered, and went under.

Does Kenzie save the drowning animal? Find out by picking up your copy of Island Sting. Be the first to get your copy by pre-ordering the book here. Or watch for it in a few weeks at and all other major distributors. Booksellers and teachers can get special discounts by contacting Cathleen Cartwright, Public Relations Assistant, at

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