Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Stellar Review

Thanks to The Book Butterfly for a great review of Freaksville, Kitty Keswick's novel. Here's a short excerpt from her review:

"FREAKSVILLE is a unique novel, both in the storyline, well defined characters, artful little illustrations and blog format....the posts themselves were so well written and entertaining, I enjoyed reading them and quickly became engrossed in the plot line.

The tension between Kasey’s family and the Johnstone clan added some depth to the plot line and I look forward to this aspect being explored in FURRY & FREAKED, the fabulously named sequel to FREAKSVILLE."

Other bloggers also were intrigued by the Maxwell-Johnstone feud, which will play an even greater part in later books. In Bed with Books mentioned it:

"FREAKSVILLE was fun, and not just because of the cute illustrations. Kasey has a strong voice, and I liked her habit of making lists. I liked her relationship with Gillie. The two girls supported each other without getting jealous of the other's relationship. I liked the background feud between the Maxwell and Johnstone families - I can't wait to see that expanded as Kasey and Josh further their relationship."

Curious about the Johnstone-Maxwell clan wars? Although Freaksville is fiction, Kitty Keswick researched a centuries-old feud between the Maxwells and the Johnstones to gather background information for her novel. She even traveled to England and visited the site along the Scottish border that was the setting for clash between the clans. Here's a photo of the remains of Lochwood Castle, destroyed by a fire set by the Maxwells in the sixteenth century.

Want to find out more? Feel free to ask Kitty a question about her research. And be sure to stop by the Wolfy Chicks blog for some special giveaways.

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