Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow! Lots-a Books

The town of Cold Lake, Alberta, is getting prepared for the big day. The vendor who will be selling books at the launch party is Lots-a Books. So far, the books are selling fast. They may be all sold out before the party. Here's all they have:

Not much left, as you can see, on their once-full display table. More books are winging their way to Canada, but will they arrive in time? The town of Cold Lake is rallying behind their hometown author, and a signboard outside the store (see below) has been luring the locals in. If you live in the area, you might want to hurry in to get one of the last few copies before they're all sold out.

Not to worry if you miss out, as you can still order the books from Leap Books, and we'll ship them right out to you. Be sure to check out our spring special rates and enter the coupon code at checkout. The books are also available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and through major distributors, such as Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

So what's all the excitement about? Is it the cool gothic art by Val Cox that decorates the pages? Or is it the engrossing story of Eryn McCain written by Judith Graves? Most likely it's both. Check back all this week for some sneak peeks at the art and excerpts from the novel. Today we'll just tantalize you with the first lines from the book:

I ran as if my life depended on it.
Maybe it did.

Who needs to stay alive and why in this cold northern Canadian town of Redgrave? A town infested with paranorms...

Is it possible? Can it be? Does the fictional town of Redgrave resemble Cold Lake? The thought is chilling. If so, maybe it's the paranorms who've been snapping up those books before the humans find out their deep dark secrets.What has author Judith Graves revealed about them in the pages of her book?

Vamp thrall...wolven vs. werewolves...
witches and warlocks...and other beasties of the night romp through the pages of Under My Skin (UMS). Get your copy to discover the hidden magick buried in Redgrave. Or perhaps, Cold Lake?

You'll meet many Beasties of the Night at Judith Graves' launch party on Saturday Night, April 24, 2010. Stop in for cake and drinks, great music, and an autographed copy of UMS. And maybe you'll discover some paranorms in disguise...


  1. UMS looks so great. I hope Leap books will be able to reach my country. I want Freaksville too.

  2. Where do you live, Precious? If you order from the Leap Books store, we'll send a copy anywhere in the world. Right now it's available for 30% off.

    It's also available from Barnes and Noble and Amazon.