Sunday, October 16, 2011

Round three of Ghosthunters Spirited contest starts today!

We're giving you a chance to figure out which authors will be featured in Leap Books' latest release, SPIRITED - Ghosthunters style! 

So, how did you do with the first two rounds? Still working on them? 

This hauntingly good book stars some of the best young adult authors to die for. 

Your mission? Use your paranormal spidey senses (or your trusty EMF detector) to decipher the information and tell us which authors you'll find in Spirited.

Email your responses to by noon, October 31, 2011Correct answers for each author will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a copy of SPIRITED. Winners will be announced November 1, 2011.

Hint: Follow the Spirited Twitter and Facebook never know what extra clues you might unearth.

Ready for round three?

AUTHOR 1: It's a good thing Halloween happens only once a year, because this SPIRITED contributor loves a good ghoul fest. She'd admit to spending way too much on festive decor, including a collection of animated zombies and ghosts guaranteed to give the local trick-or-treaters heart palpitations. In fact, this writer enjoys all things of the heart, including a good paranormal romance, the occasional Nora Roberts marathon, and spending time with her three bull mastiffs. You know, just skulking around. In addition to her own list of works in progress, this author co-writes with another Spirited contributor, and pens adult fiction under a pseudonym. 

AUTHOR 2: Research is key for this New York Times bestselling author. She's picked a lock, toured a maximum security prison, studied karate and learned to ride a horse - all in the name of fiction. Not sure if this is your particular brand of poison? It will be if you read her thrilling series about a young woman who becomes a poison taster (how do you even get THAT job?) Or her brilliant books about a magician who can capture magic inside her glass creations. This talented writer has a black cat named Valek and loves to travel. In fact, you may have read one or two of her travel articles. 

AUTHOR 3: Chances are, you haven't read this SPIRITED contributor's blog about books, video games and movies--because if you had, he'd have to change the title from "Least Read Blog." But we'd bet you will check out his debut novel, Failstate, which launches early 2012. The story is about a superhero who is competing on a reality TV show. Sounds fun, right? He's a husband, a father, a sci-fi writer, a bookstore and library terror, an all around geek--and at 6'6", a towering giant! 

Good luck!

Next SPIRITED Ghosthunters post: Sunday, October 23, 2011

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