Sunday, October 2, 2011

Win a copy of the SPIRITED anthology!

Who are the masterminds behind Leap Books' latest release, SPIRITED anthology? Here's your chance to figure it out - Ghosthunters style. 

This hauntingly good book stars some of the best young adult authors to die for. Each week, a new blog post will offer clues to help you figure out who they are. Your mission? Use your paranormal spidey senses (or your trusty EMF detector) to decipher the information. 

Email your responses to by noon, October 31, 2011. Correct answers for each author will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win copy of SPIRITED. Winners will be announced November 1, 2011.

Hint: Follow the Spirited Twitter and Facebook never know what extra clues you might unearth.


1. This author redefines the short story! Her debut book won the grand prize in the first-ever cell phone novel contest by Since then, she's been spinning tales of love, loss - and, oh yeah, werewolves. Her series takes place at Junction High, where you'll be sure to run into Jess. But hopefully no spiders. This writer has more than a casual fear of arachnids. 

2. Remember Sweet Valley High? This SPIRITED anthology contributor certainly does. She wrote one Sweet Valley Twins novel, and five books in the Sweet Dreams series in the 1980s. These days, she spends time writing her own books about Goths, psychics, mermaids, aliens, cheerleaders, clones, parallel worlds and ghosts - not necessarily altogether, of course. Over the years, she's amassed a collection of more than 5,000 books - most of them series. 

3. Ready to get your freak on? This author can help! She writes teen fiction with BITE...werewolf bite, that is. She published her first story - four lines about a frog - at the tender age of 8, and has been writing ever since, gathering ideas from dreams, life adventures and movies. Especially the flicks of John Hughes, well-known for his cult classics The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink and 16 Candles. As a high school DJ, this writer developed an eclectic musical taste, including the works of Corey Hart. The lyrics to "Never Surrender"are taped above her writing desk. 

Got it figured out? Email your responses to Remember, each correct answer gets your name in the draw for a chance to win a copy of SPIRITED.

Good luck!

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