Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Beauty or Beast?

With Fiends Like Eryn…

Monsters. Bloodsuckers. The evil. The damned. Eryn McCain knows they exist—she's been hunting them since she was a child. At sixteen, she's ready to take on all comers. Being a shapeshifter gives her an advantage when it comes to her unusual part-time job. The hours suck and the pay is, well, non-existent, but bonuses like inhuman strength and night vision make tracking scary beasties a dream come true. Especially in a town like Redgrave.

When an ancient demon targets Redgrave High, Eryn and her crew of hunters must face their innermost fears to prevent the Harvest Moon Dance from becoming one serious Monster Mash. Loyalties are tested and temptations abound. With questions ever brewing, can Eryn share a future with the brooding, noble, human Alec—the hunter after her heart? Or will she succumb to her enemy's son, Wade, a seductive predator as bloodthirsty as she is?

What happens when you’re both the beauty and the beast?

Leap Books is thrilled to announce Judith Graves' latest book in the Skinned series SECOND SKIN.

Praise for Second Skin

"Smart, sassy and more than a little scary, Second Skin hits all the right notes. I adored reading about Eryn and her attempts to deal with her life!"
~Amanda Ashby, award-winning author of Zombie Queen of Newbury High and Fairy Bad Day
"If tasked to recruit a monster-hunting army, I'd want Eryn on my side—her tongue is as sharp as the athame she brandishes. In Second Skin, the second book in Judith Graves' thrilling SKINNED series, Eryn goes head-to-head with a chilling new paranorm, has lingering feelings for two of Redgraves' hottest boys, and is surrounded by an endearing cast of family and friends. Prepare to be engrossed—Graves digs in her claws and doesn't let go until the mesmerizing cliffhanger end."
~Dawn Dalton, author of Thread of the Past

"In Judith Graves' Second Skin, book two of her Skinned series, shapeshifter Eryn McCain is fighting the paranorm baddies again and cracking wise while she's at it. A wild ride of snark, chills and romance, Second Skin poses the creepy question: what if your worse nightmares came to life?"
~Joy Preble, author of Dreaming Anastasia and Haunted

Also look for the second edition of Under My Skin: Book 1:

And watch for Judith Graves' blog tour. Stop back next week for kick-off info.

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