Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Ways You Can Help

Yesterday we blogged about Olivia Bouler, the eleven year old artist, who is using her talents to raise money for Audubon and the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill cleanup. But Olivia isn't the only one who was moved to assist with this disaster. Some adult artists are combining their talents to encourage people to contribute to the cleanup efforts.

SCBWI illustrator Kelly Light, along with several other artists, created Ripple. Although many artists couldn't contribute financially, they donated their talents and painted cards that are being given to people who contribute $10.00 (or more) to the cleanup efforts. In particular, Ripple has recommended donors assist two non-profits, The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies and The International Bird Rescue Research Center. Contributors to can email Kelly to receive a notecard at Each card is original and signed by the artist. So hop on over and check them out. Then send a donation to the non-profit of your choice.


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