Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Shivers by Elie of Ellz Reads

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? We asked this question of several bloggers. And we've gotten some haunting answers, so we'll be featuring them on Saturdays. First up is Elie of Ellz Readz. Here's her brush with the paranormal:

At some point in our lives, most of us have been camping. We remember the roasting hot dogs, the sticky, sweet smell of toasted marshmallow, and the twinkling stars dancing overhead. If you ask them, most campers also have other memories, dancing on the limits of their minds. These memories all start the same way, with a trill of wind in your ears and the hum of a voice drifting over a crackling fire. Mine is not different. I can still imagine the lights of the fire flickering over the storyteller’s face as she shared her grizzly tale. It was based on a legend, an old wives tale meant to scare children into minding their parents. "The Woman of the Wood still roams these forests, searching for someone to take her place," the storyteller concluded as a hush settled on the group. Like everyone else I suppressed a shiver and joked about things that go bump in the night. I wouldn't be laughing for long.

One of my jobs as assistant counselor was to check on the campers periodically, you know, make sure everyone was tucked snugly into their cots. As I approached the last tent, I was distracted by a sound that seemed to surround me. It wasn't a scary sound, it felt like I walked over an air vent. The tips of my hair drifted upwards and the breeze floated past my ears in a soft whisper. The sound did not last, but it was replaced by a shiver that left the fine hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. I quickly whirled around, expecting to see the smirking face of Steph, my partner in crime, but alas, I was alone. Reassuring myself with a chuckle, I set on my way. A few steps later, it happened again, except this time the breeze seemed to whisper to me, calling my name. I couldn't turn around, the breeze seemed to blow on my neck, exploiting my fear. I looked up and silently cursed the clouds that hovered in front of the moon, blocking its light and creating shadows in the trees. Fear prickled me like thorns as I forced my feet forward, imagining my safe destination.

Was I lost? I should have been there by now, I thought frantically. That was when she appeared to me, the Woman of the Wood. She was beautiful, just like the storyteller described. But her eyes, her eyes were hollow and bottomless. She extended her hand to me and I was frozen, paralyzed with fear. I stood there for what seemed to be an eternity as her translucent dress billowed in the night breeze. The cloud drifted from the moon, leaving a flood of eerie light. I glanced up, grateful for this small gift. When I looked back, she was gone. As if my feet were suddenly released from a spell, I stumbled forward and quickly spotted my destination. Was I this close this whole time? Was she really there? My mind reeled with possibilities.

I awoke the next day, still huddled by the feet of my campers in the last tent. Imagination or not, I wasn't going to venture out again. I didn't dare share my adventure with any of the other campers. I would never hear the end of it, but I have to wonder. Was it my imagination playing tricks on me, or was it the Woman of the Wood? I guess I'll never know.
Think she met an apparition? We do, but feel free to leave a comment with your opinion. And if you'd like to share your own haunting experiences, feel free to send them to our blog tour coordinator, Lexie North.


  1. Ooh--I got chills, and I deal with stuff like this on a daily basis. Great story!

  2. You may be only one person in the world, but you may also be the world to one person. ....................................................

  3. Disgruntled Bear, that is a big compliment coming from you! Thanks.