Thursday, April 2, 2015


David Turnbull's ALICE, LAST OF THE BEATING HEARTS is an exhilarating adventure that will give science fiction fans a thrill. One of our international contributors, David crafted an exciting world ruled by machines and challenged by a strong-armed Alice wielding quite a weapon!

Born in Edinburgh, David now lives and works in London. His short fiction has been published in numerous magazines and short story anthologies, both in print and online.

His first novel, a children's fantasy  adventure entitled THE TALE OF EUAN REDCAP, was released under the Pixiefoot Press imprint of Essex-based Wyvern Publications in 2012. In addition to being featured in Salt Publishing’s BEST BRITISH FANTASY 2014, his most recent short fiction has appeared in DIFFERENT DRAGONS II (Wolfsinger Publications) and SOLSTICE SHORTS (Arachne Press). He is a member of the Clockhouse London group of genres writers.

Find David online at:

Ready to venture into Alice's world? Great! Here's a bit of David's story, and the art from his title page!

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