Wednesday, April 1, 2015


With 2015 marking the 150th anniversary of the publication of Lewis Carroll's ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, Leap is excited to launch our own homage to Alice: BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT. 

Loyal LEAPers have surely seen the stunning book cover created by Gaetano with lettering by Ashley Poston. Perhaps you know the book releases April 14th (you deserve something wonderful before taxes are due). You may even know we have 13 kickass stories in the anthology.

Perhaps you are so lovingly stalkerish that you know the names of those lucky 13 authors (and that many, many more submitted but were gently turned away). Maybe you've read some works of our 13 authors before. If so, you truly rock our socks!

But, curiouser, and curiouser, we're giving away some copies of BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT on Goodreads, and hosting a Facebook party, and a Twitter event (watch #Beware)! 

With authors. And prizes.

Do you know the titles of the BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT stories? Have you seen the title pages? 


Well, we're going to fix that. 

Over the next two weeks we'll be introducing you to our amazing anthology authors and kicking off our events. We'll be sharing t-shirts, mugs, notebooks, and whatnots, in our new online store. 

If you love Alice-in-Wonderland, if you're hoping for your chance to follow a white rabbit into a Wonderland… Stick around!

Buy the book on Amazon, iTunes, or Smashwords!

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