Friday, April 10, 2015


This excerpt is from our Alice-in-Wonderland inspired anthology, BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT, written by talented author C. Lee McKenzie.

They Call Me Alice

They call me Alice, but that’s not my real name. It’s a convenient one, one that my Kansas parents can easily say. Sing Yanyu is what my mother called me. For a while after she was gone, I dreamed the melody of her voice, but I can’t hear those sounds anymore. My ears have lost all their music.


That’s Betsy. She and her husband, Mark, brought me here from my true home a few months ago. They’re very nice. I live in a big house with clean water and a soft bed.

No. I don’t live here.

Sixteen-year-old Alice does.

Each day I grow more confused about who I really am.

“Alice, are you ready? It’s time.”

Betsy’s enrolling me in a new high school. I failed badly in the first one, and as I hurry to meet her at the front door, I see worry etched across her forehead. She doesn’t want me to fail again.

Ready to join Lee's Alice on her journey into a much different world?

You can order the ebook version of BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT on Smashwords, iTunes, and Amazon now. Pre-orders for paperbacks will be available soon!

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