Saturday, April 11, 2015

BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT Excerpt: Alice in Wilderland

Author Jessica Bayliss created a wonderful but dangerous Wonderland for BEWARE THE LITTLE WHITE RABBIT in this contemporary with romantic elements. The following is an excerpt from her story.

Alice in Wilderland

Alice snapped off another shot and checked the image in her camera’s viewfinder. The light was wrong. She adjusted some settings and brushed a furry caterpillar off her subject, the rare Adders-Mouth orchid, an endangered species in the state of Connecticut. Or, at least she thought it was an Adders-Mouth.

She plucked a waxen petal and pinched it, releasing a delicate cucumber fragrance. Now she had no doubt the tiny bloom was one of the rare specimens on her list. And in another minute, she’d have the perfect pic to bring back to the Wilderland Ecological Society, the group that had arranged this weekend trip.

She glanced toward the path. There was no sign of her group through the thick growth of trees and brush. She was so not supposed to lag behind. Brooks was going to chew her out for sure, but if she got this shot, it would be worth their guide’s legendary wrath. Alice was determined to get into a top ecology program when she applied to colleges this year, and this summer elective was just the kind of extracurricular all the best schools liked to see.

Not to mention the fact that Alice needed something to fill her time, occupy her mind until the day she could get out of here for good.

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